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Broadband Packages

Business Broadband
At Rio Cities Broadband we are committed to helping customers achieve private high speed wireless networks.

We provide comprehensive solutions for local and wide area networks utilizing the latest in wireless technologies including broadband, spread spectrum, microwave and infrared laser technologies. With wireless technologies reaching fiber like speeds (up to a 1Gbps) for distances up to 40 miles. This is allowing businesses of all sizes with multiple locations to get their remote offices connected using private wireless infrastructure. This can provide the most cost effective wide area network solutions available.

Fiber isn't always king when an organization needs to build a private wide area network (WAN). The cost, construction time and red tape involved in trenching your own fiber to remote sites can deter some utilities, governments and other organizations. In most cases private wireless WAN is your best options. Some organizations are using wireless backhaul as an alternative to adding expensive T1 lines or trenching fiber into the ground.

Residential Broadband
Residential customers often have broadband needs and can also be served by Rio Cities. Are you having problems getting internet in your work shop, or even your barn out back. This is where we can help, we can install a wireless bridge in your out laying buildings and extend your internet service as far as the eye can see, up to 5 miles.

Packages starting as low as $500 for 25Mb LOS, Costs are usually dependent on mast or tower constructions for Line of Sight requirements. Lower speed nLOS or NLOS (Near or Non) options available.

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